some header files are missed in sles11. why?

Compared sles11 source code tree with that of sles10,
sles11 has no the directory asm-ia64 under /usr/src/linux-2.6.27-rc6-7/include/,
but sles10 has the directory asm-ia64 under /usr/src/linux-

sles11 has not some files (e.g, ioctl32.h, config.h) under
while sles10 has (e.g, ioctl32.h, config.h) them under

Is this expected in sles11 distro? (SLES11 Beta1 IA-64 (Build 0047) ). why does this change?

LKML: Christoph Hellwig: [PATCH] cleanup compat ioctl handling