Some essentail links in recent Virtualization Guide have become blocked

The recent Virtualization Guide of openSUSE Leap 15.3 has the following two links (in chapter 10.3), namely:

Unfortunately both have been closed by microsoft!

I hoped these links would have given enough info for starting a virtual machine with Windows XP, which remains shutoff after installation without further info. Does still any other sources of information exist to create a running virtual machine with Windows XP? I’ve still got the original installation CDs.

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Use that wayback machine…

Never used XP for a virtual guest OS…

What are you using on Leap for the virtualization?

With Virtualbox on 15.3 - I have Windows XP installed and running - I do not allow it to connect to the internet for updates.
If your XP cd is not SP3 you can fine SP3 for XP and install it.

Link to SP3 at MicroSoft.

Disable update as soon as you install Windows XP or Microsoft will “expire” your machine.

It is ok to nat it to you local host after you disable windows update.

Perhaps you can explain to the OP (and others) how to disable update etc? Hmm I still have a copy of XP Lite to strip out all the cruft…

DIsable updates in XP and keep Microsoft from disabling XP.

From Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Service

Go down to Automatic Updates and set to Disabled

I also disabled these service : Alerter, Messenger, Network DDE, Network DDE DSDM, QoS RSVP, Routing and Remote Access, Telnet, Windows Cardspace, Windows Media Player Network Sharing, and Windows Time.