Some Dracut job is overheating my CPU

Hi, I’m posting in this forums because I don’t know exactly where this problem belongs.

A few minutes ago I realized my CPU was overheating. Usually temperature is between 55 ans 60 degrees but today it was reaching 90. I went to a console and launched “top” command.

I noticed there was a command called “dracut” that was taking a lot of CPU and, therefore, it was responsible for strange temperature rising. Sometimes, dracut was replace by xzcat with the same effect.

Since dracut is a root job, I didn’t wanted to kill and decided to reboot my computer.

After rebooting, everything is in order again but I’d like to know what was happening. This morning “apper” showed there was a new kernel update and I applied. Maybe it has something to do with this problem but, as I said, everything was sorted out after rebooting.

Did anybody noticed something like this?

Yes, there was a kernel update.

Part of installing a new kernel requires building an “initrd”. That’s where “dracut” is used.

Now you can start worrying about whether in interrupted an important part of the update >:(

Perhaps check the output of “uname -a” to see what kernel you are running (the old one or the new).

Does the CPU have a working fan?? A properly cooled CPU should not get that hot even flat out for extended periods. If an old machine maybe need to re paste the fan on. Cheap silicon grease can dry out over time.