Some doubts about kernel flavors

Hi everybody! I’ve recently decided to change my linux instalations from Debian Sid to openSUSE 11.3 (my mind needs some stability and openSUSE is the best option for KDE), but I am confused about the different kernels.

I have 2 laptops: an HP G62-140SS (core i3, ati 5430) and a LG x130 (atom n270). I suppose that maybe I should use the kernel-desktop with the HP and the kernel-default with the LG, but I’d like to know if I’m right or wrong.

Thanks in advance

Desktop is suited for a desktop situation, and has PAE support like the kernel-pae, default will only address 3GB+ if you are _64

Which you use doesn’t really matter. I would let the installer decide, you can always change later if you have issues.

Let the installer decide. Kernel-desktop is the kernel optimized for desktop use (32bit is PAE enabled for example). AFAIK kernel-desktop is best for both of them.

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