(some) bitmap fonts don't work in KDE Konsole

Although they are installed in /usr/share/fonts/misc, correctly scaled and aliased, jmk Neep bitmap fonts produce garbage in KDE konsole (available in the font list but obviously not found). They work great in Gnome, XFCE and any other X terminal (except maybe LXDE terminal !?). Any idea someone ?
They are OK in openSUSE 11.2 and other Linux distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc).

Not sure but it may be connected with the fact that KDE4 only uses vectors now both for display and for fonts. Obviously, they are rendered to bitmap for display but they are stored as vectors.

That wouldn’t surprise me from KDE… but it doesn’t make sense to use vector fonts in a terminal and it becomes obvious for your eyes (not just for mine) as soon as you compare a terminal using Neep semi-condensed with konsole and its default Monospace.
I know, Jmk fonts (jmk-x11-fonts | freshmeat.net) are pretty old (not even Unicode). But I never found a better font for working in terminals. It’s semi-condensed allows more characters per line and it’s perfectly readable and fast.
I just doubled checked on different systems : it works great in konsole under Ubuntu (KDE 4.4.2), Fedora (KDE 4.4.5), Arch (KDE 4.5.0 !!!) . Under Mandriva, konsole just keeps crashing from some other obscure reason. Under OpenSUSE 11.3, it works in all terminals ( gnome-terminal, XFCE Terminal, Lxde Terminal and any xterm using Xresource), except in konsole and kde. You can see it rendered correctly in KDE font installer, but as soon as you select it for console or anything else (like menus for testing purposed) it rendered garbage. Enabling /etc/fonts/conf.d/70-yes-bitmaps.conf in openSUSE doesn’t make a difference. In fact it never did either in other releases, where this font used to work in konsole. For now I set 11.3 konsole to use Monospace, but it’s really uggly and hard to read. If the problem is caused by “yet another openSUSE KDE customization”, I 'm afraid I have basically 0 chance to solve it. :frowning:

I’m getting closer … With “Force fonts DPI” set to 96 or disabled in KDE, this font is available in 8, 11, 15 and 18 px. 15 an 18 look as expected (!?) but of course, this size is to big to be usable in a terminal. 8 and 11 render garbage. With “Force fonts DPI” set to 120 (but I won’t do that other than for testing), this font appears in 6, 7, 9, 12 and 14 size. 6, 9 and 12 look ok, while 7 and 14 render garbage. 9 px with 120 DPI looks like 11 px with 96 DPI and would be OK for a terminal, but everything else (menus, etc) is too big under 120 DPI. So the question (if somebody knows the answer, he would make my day) : how to get KDE to render this font correctly with 11px/96DPI ?

You may get an answer on Index page • KDE Community Forums if not here.