Some apps use unknown theme

Ever since openSUSE 11.4, some of applications are themed incorrectly.

All my Qt apps look fine, so I figured it might have something to do with GTK. However, my GTK settings indicate that GTK apps also use the Oxygen theme.

Why are these apps using this unknown theme?

This may work: become root in a terminal and execute qtconfig. From there, choose “Oxygen” from the dropdown list. This should make it so that the Oxygen theme is used system-wide.

That fixes YaST, but Dropbox and Grooveshark still use the unknown theme.

What’s the dropbox package installed? kdropbox or other?

Neither… is that an option? As far as I can tell, I only have the CLI dropbox package. Which makes no sense, because obviously I have GUI applet. Perhaps it was installed by the daemon downloader?

pdedecker@linux-qhij:~> zypper se *dropbox*
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                       | Summary                         | Type      
i | dropbox                    | Secure backup, sync and shari-> | package   
  | dropbox                    | Secure backup, sync and shari-> | srcpackage
  | dropbox-debugsource        | Debug sources for package dro-> | package   
  | nautilus-dropbox           | Secure backup, sync and shari-> | package   
  | nautilus-dropbox-debuginfo | Debug information for package-> | package   
pdedecker@linux-qhij:~> ps -e | grep dropbox
 2478 ?        00:00:06 dropbox
pdedecker@linux-qhij:~> rpm -ql dropbox

Mmmm, tried a new user and login as that user already?

When I create a new user, its default window decoration is Oxygen and qtconfig is configured to follow desktop settings.