some apps have no internet connection.

After I changed my system from openSuse11.0 to openSuse11.1. Some applications cannot connect to the internet. Example, The firefox always display “Address Not Found” and the Yast software management cannot add new repository because it couldn’t resolve the repository host. but i can use the konqueror’s web browser, download using kget and ktorrent.

any help…

with FF.
First go to the ‘File’ tab and make sure the ‘work offline’ box is NOT checked. If that does not work
Try re-naming the .mozilla folder to .mozilla_old

In a konsole go su
do this

zypper refresh

zypper lu

do you have any proxys set?

@caf4926 Im still getting “Address not found” in firefox. I think figured it out why my software management keeps failing. The link that the yast2 opened is non-existing example this one
where can i get the list of mirrors for opensuse11.1 repository? I’ll try to use a mirror maybe it will work. :slight_smile:

@dillj Im not using one.

I have had similar problems with my 11.1 box (I have another post concerning it). One of the members on the forum suggested turning off IPv6 for the network stack. In my situation it seems that IPv6 is prioritised over IPv4 under 11.1. Whenever name service lookups were being performed they were taking a while coping with IPv6 (which wasn’t going to resolve as I don’t have IPv6 name servers nor am I talking to such a setup). Disabling IPv6 (it is under YaST - Network Devices - Network Settings - Global Options tab - Enable IPv6 checkbox) and then rebooting (you can’t bounce the network stack, it has to be a reboot) resolved the issue. Try this to see what happens.

I have performed successive “zypper ref” and running YaST to update the software respositories, running Firefox and opening a lot of tabs up with different websites, etc. and things seem to be responding quickly again. The issue of not getting resolution seems to have gone as well.

You need to look at your network settings - Yast | Net Devices | Net Sett and see if you have your name server setup correctly.
Otherwise there is a problem with your Internet settings/connection.

Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/oss

Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss

Index of /update/11.1

openSUSE Download Mirrors - 11.1

Wow! It works! Thanks a lot.

I don’t think my name server is the problem.

Thanks for the mirrors.