Solved - Wireless PCI TL-WN350GD With Leap.

I had a five year old desktop sitting that I had not used in ages sitting in the corner.

It was running Suse 12.1. I upgraded it to Leap. The desktop was connected directly to the modem in the room via a network cable.
Everything was fine until I had to move the desktop into another room with no way to run a network cable from the modem.
The desktop had a wireless PCI card and I decided to try and get it working.
Did a bit of research on the net.
Could see that Leap had not recognised the PCI i.e. the card did not appear at all in Yast or in any of the command line system info.
Powered down the machine, opened it up and took the card out.
Blew off five years of dust.
Saw it was a TP-Link PCI TL-WN350GD.
Did a bit of a clean up inside the box.
Put the card back in.
Leap failed to boot up. No error messages. The startup just hung.

Took the card out and rebooted.
Leap started successfully.

More research on the net.
Figured out no wireless PCI drivers installed.
Which drivers do I need?
Mucked around with modprobe.

Found a reference to the card on a Ubuntu forum.
Says the driver is ath5k.
Searched the TP-Link site. No drivers for this card.
No drivers for this card on Yast either or anywhere else on the net.

What do I do now?
Went to Yast ==> network settings.
The ethernet connection is there on eth0.
I chose the add option and selected add wireless card.
I then stepped through the dialogs for adding a wireless card even though there was no wireless PCI in the desktop.
I left the module option blank and ignored the settings for connecting to a wireless network.
I confirmed that I wanted to add the card and then Leap downloaded the iw modules from the remote repository via the modem network cable that I had reconnected to the desktop.

I shutdown the desktop.
Put the PCI card back in and re-started.
Leap recognised the card and booted up successfully this time.
The card was recognised as an AR2417 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5007G 802.11bg].

Now I needed to find NetworkManager.
I right clicked on the bottom panel and selected panel options ==> add widgets ==> Network manager…
Then I enabled the network manager service from Yast ==> System ==> Services Manager.
I rebooted the desktop and Network Manager started successfully and displayed the wireless icon in the panel.
I right clicked on the wireless icon and configured the wireless network connection.

The fact that Yast allowed me to add a wireless interface and downloaded the wireless modules even though there was no wireless interface in the machine is pretty slick. This is a handy feature if you don’t know what modules you want.