[Solved] No Java browser plugin

As most people know Oracle recently changed the license on Java, meaning that it wasn’t possible to ship Sun Java with 12.1. Instead Opensuse ships with the open-source Java implementation called OpenJDK, which Oracle has declared will become the official reference implementation of Java 7 anyway.

The problem is that on some installs, eg. installing from the KDE LiveCD the OpenJDK browser plugin is not installed. This is really frustrating since it’s called something you’d never guess - ‘icedtea-web’.

So if Java in Firefox and other browsers doesn’t work by default try installing the icedtea-web package.

Firstly, thanks for posting that, as no I never would have figured it out. Second, Merry Christmas!

What most people search for is probably java-1_6_0-openjdk-plugin which I added as a tag.

Could it be that icedtea-web just happens to create the sym links and is not a direct counterpart of OpenJDK?

At any rate, it does do the job. So, Thanks regardless!!

Good to know the advice was useful, I raised a bug for them to fix this anyway: