SOLVED Kmix in system tray displays wrong volume control in the pop up GUI


I have openSUSE 12.2 KDE4 standard.

I have the Kmix applet in the system tray so that I can use the “slider” to control the volume easily. The slider in the GUI is for “High Def Audio Controller (HDMI)”.

When I use the slider, the volume doesn’t change because the wrong playback device is displayed in the slider GUI. My actual playback device is “Internal Audio Analog Stereo”, not the HDMI device displayed.

How do I make the correct playback device (“Internal Audio Analog Stereo”) display in the pop up GUI in the system tray?


I don’t think that you presently can (it certainly would be nice though!).

My work around: I open pauvcontrol and adjust the volume on the analog audio output from there…or from the speakers volume control themselves (though I don’t like touching/adjusting this once I get a volume level on the speakers that works well with the software volume controls).

So, if you right click on the icon, pick Select master Channel, what choices do you have? Does your computer have more than one sound device? For instance, I have a Sound Blaster card and HDMI audio in my nVIDIA card. I have to use the Off profile in PulseAudio for the nVIDIA card so I can select the right control from my Sound Blaster Card.

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Thanks Tyler_K and jdmcdaniel3.

James, your advice fixed it. I swapped to the correct option in “Select master Channel” and that option was then correctly displayed and usable.

oops, sorry – on a quick skim through (without reading carefully) I thought you were using HDMI as your primary audio device and the analog as a secondary (which is something I do regularly)

I was very happy to hear that this helped swerdna as it is not often one gets to help a master Linux user. It is only a small payment for the great help using Samba that you have provided to me. Off subject I know, but your default smb.conf file you gave me works great!

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