Solved! Adding Menu to Panel in KDE 4.3.x

I was venting my frustration yesterday and one of the things which was hurting my brain was not being able to do this in KDE 4.3.x, when I could do it in 3.5.1 …

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With the help of the excellent and heroically patient Caf, and the application of fresh braincells this morning, I now have a hover-over pop-up menu on my panel.

If anyone else wishes to do this:
Unlock Widgets>Add Widgets>
Find and add “Lancelot Launcher”
**** NB ******

DO NOT ADD “Lancelot Part” from this menu, it is broken!

Now you should have a weird looking holy grail icon. Click it and you should get an enhanced “kickoff” type menu. Now find within it the menu/menuitem you want on the panel, right click it and drag it to where you want it. You should now have your item on the panel (or desktop, or ?dashboard?). You can now remove the “Lancelot Launcher” if you wish!