Solution for overheating laptops

For some years I remember most of my laptops got warmer using Linux than it would be on Windows. Apparently
Windows has some configuration to enable cooling, on Linux in theory it would be as warm as the bios allow (which is very warm)
unless you do something. I recently found thermald, installed it from home:siegel, and applied the following configuration for my laptop,
which keeps it below 50 degrees at any time, so the laptop is actually comfortable using as laptop. The main problem is that you need a
specific configuration for every machine, this one below may work for most ASUS laptops. (Notice it uses both downclocking and fan for cooling
the fan)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
     use "man thermal-conf.xml" for details
<!-- BEGIN -->
        <Name>ASUS S551LN</Name>
                            <influence> 100 </influence>
                            <SamplingPeriod> 15 </SamplingPeriod>
                            <influence> 50 </influence>
                            <SamplingPeriod> 10 </SamplingPeriod>
                            <influence> 40 </influence>
                            <SamplingPeriod> 10 </SamplingPeriod>
                            <influence> 30 </influence>
                            <SamplingPeriod> 10 </SamplingPeriod>
                <ReadBack> 0 </ReadBack>
<!-- END -->