Softwares list

I have found this website for Linux softwares.
but not sure how to install them.because the file has .cnr extension.
lint to site

I think there a client called CNR client to do installation,but its not in yast repo.
Is this link is valuable to us.OR still we just use yast.

This software is for a different distribution. SUSE uses RPM files for packaging software.

But they mention that they support different distros.
look at this link:

Suse is grayed out… I checked this out before… Only suppport ubuntu linspire and freespire…

may be they have changed … there website has cahnged and also for fedora suse all none bold linux there is no version no…

Hope someone will have some knowledge with this one…

You cannot install software from that site in openSUSE. They indicate that they plan to make an installer for openSUSE, but it’s not available yet. IMHO it’s a commercial site.

they actually plan to make a few extra bucks on this system…

Opensuse has a similar system absolutely free (even that no easy uninstall is supported - see [ Bug 425890])

anyway… 1 click install installs software very well… hope the uninstalling feature come soon…