Software Where?

Just installed Leap 15.2 KDE. It’s a long time since I’ve used Suse/OpenSuse but I do remember that there was a lot more listed in Yast software than is now the case. The lists are tiny compared to what they used to be. It looks very bleak.
Is this how it’s supposed to be?
I’ve installed the Packman repository, but that doesn’t seem to have made much, if any, difference.
If this is all you now get then I’ll have install another distro.
Which would be a shame because the rest of the distro is first rate.

Please show the result of

# zypper lr -uEP

You need to issue the command as user “root” in a console.

Use code tags (the “#” in the forums editor tool bar) to show the output here and please include the command line you used and the empty prompt following the results in the output.



What software are you specifically looking for?

You may find what you require by using:

Perhaps you don’t have the repositories enabled? I see close to 38,500 packages available with just the Main repository active and about 4,200 in the Update repository?

How are you viewing the package list in YaST Software Manager?

Click on “View” tab and change to “Package Groups”
Scroll down the left “Navigation” pane and select “All Packages”

It’s likely you only have 4 default repositories configured plus maybe Packman.
I haven’t tried to estimate the total number of repositories available, but there are easily well over a thousand, maybe several thousands of openSUSE repositories. You can browse them if you wish by opening a web browser to

Of course, browsing repositories is usually more for curiosity, you’ll likely find it easier to look for specific applications and packages at


That view option was removed from Yast Software Management quite a while ago…

I only added Packman as additional repository and I have everything I need.
I would try to see what is missing and then judge if is enough packages for you or not.

Not true! I have 15.1 and it’s there.