Software Upgrade killed GNOME

I am very frustrated since after I ran a software upgrade (including gtk,atk,glib and others updates) my GNOME desktop has been “killed”.

1)The most strange error I get at the greeter, is that apparently no .svg or .png, or any type of image extension is anymore recognized.

2)No more gtk or gnome applets/apps is working

3)By attempting to downgrade some pkgs (including gtk,glib,gdm,greeter,gnome2…) then gdm
starts again, but with the same unrecognizing image extension problem and with a great lack of usability

4)No more software-upgrade attempts are capable to resolve the problems caused by the recent upgrade

5)My GNOME desktop is definitively death

6)KDE4 works smoothly, so it is not a Xorg problem

Is there a step/by step cure to solve my problem and restore my old dear GDM?


Try this:


after updating your GNOME packages.
And then restart GUI.

Hello 74141, and many thanks for the reply.

But that command doesn’t starts automatically after software-upgrade finish?

By the way I will attempt to execute that command.