Software Updates

Hi, I got an annoying problem and I wonder if it might have something to do with the Suse server problems I read about (not sure if they are resolved yet).

I just install OpenSuse 11.0 / KDE 3.5. The software update tray icon tell me there are 40 updates available. I select to install them. Then the tray icon pops up again and repeatedly tell me there are 40 updates, and this never ends. I wonder if this is a problem on my end or if the power outage at Suse is the culprit here?

I have had exactly the same problem with openSUSE 11.0 and KDE 3.5 after having installed it. I do not know what to do.

probably still a problem with the servers.Just wait a while & hopefully all should soon be well


Maybe it is this one:

When the root password window pops up uncheck the ‘Remember password’ box. That may help.

That worked! Thank you and sorry for the late response.