Software Updates widget installed all packages even if I selected only 1

After I selected to update only one Python 3.8 package, Software Updates widget installed them all and showed only 1 was updated.

Which one?

What do you mean by “all”?

Depending or recommended (solver.onlyRequires = false in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf) packages?



Steps were next:

  1. Software updates applet in Plasma panel, checked for updates via Status and Notifications.
  2. In Yast Software Manager uninstalled Mesa-nouveau.
  3. In Software updates applet selected only Python 3.8 - something and pressed Install Updates button.
  4. Software updates applet installed all available updates and showed a message it was updated only 1.

Now I tried it again with a fresh boot. All available packages were updated even if I deselected 4 of them with Kernel updates.

Maybe it is better not to mix the usage of the applet/PackageKit and zypper to reach one goal. :\

It looks like the applet works incorrectly and I didn’t use zypper directly.


Well … packagekit zypper backend does equivalent of “zypper dup” on TW. “zypper dup” is supposed to be all or nothing. Any TW update may bring incompatible changes so selecting individual packages may lead to unpredictable behavior.

As for KDE frontend - it is not aware of this at all.

While I agree that behavior is far from optimal, fixing it requires rather extensive changes; one would need to justify efforts spent on it (or implement it and submit patch).

Hm, Kernel was updated even if I blocked its modifications in Yast.