Software Updates widget can no longer install packages, asks user to run 'zypper dup' manually

Once more, this is a conflict between the user’s perspective versus the maintainer’s perspective; To the maintainer disabling this ability makes sense, as package updates in Tumbleweed are considered whole new OS snapshots. To the end user, enabling it makes sense as they expect whatever daily updates the OS has to pop up in the system tray and be easy to install with the click of a button.

With my suggestion I don’t see why this would be a risk in any form: I’m only proposing that the Plasma applet pops up a console on its own, which can additionally tell the applet to clear its notifications once the updates have been installed (that is the biggest annoyance to doing it manually). The user sees the same warnings and confirms the distribution upgrade the same way, there shouldn’t be any added risk with this approach.

Normal, unskilled users probably have no business running Tumbleweed.

Not true in my opinion. While that may be the case for highly inexperienced users, many users with minimal technical knowledge of how updates work might still prefer Tumbleweed. That’s because no one wants to wait a whole year to get the latest updates for every single program installed by the system, having to burn a new DVD and run an installer or edit repositories each time (something inexperienced users might actually find difficult). Factory is what the true geeks will use… Tumbleweed in my opinion is what the norm of OS updates should look like today.

Just to clarify, updates == features, a very big difference, the packages in the current release get security updates and bug fixes as required. Most packages are also available in their current development repository at the latest release.

It is also highly dependent on the users end use eg server vs desktop :wink:

What I suggest is picking a couple of packages you use on a regular basis and follow the changelogs on OBS between a Leap release and a Tumbleweed release to just see what does change and what doesn’t.

The current release of Leap and future dot releases should be pretty uneventful through the upgrade process.