Software Updates Thinks that I Am Offline

I am using openSUSE Leap 42.3, 64-bit, on a desktop PC. The desktop environment is KDE. I am connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable to a DSL modem.

As of the last few days, I have noticed that Software Updates thinks that I am offline. If I hover with my mouse over the Software Updates icon (upward-pointing black arrow surrounded by a black circle), it says “Your system is offline”.
Well, the proof that I am not offline is that I am posting this message…

I think that the problem started a few days ago when I run “zypper up”. I had noticed that “zypper up” was going to remove “System Update”. I have no idea why and allowed “zypper up” to do it since I am no Linux expert and “zypper up” never failed me before.

So, I can still update my system using “zypper up” but it would be nice if System Update were to work too. I’ve done some research online and found some postings dating back to 2016 recommending to select “Network to all users” in Network Settings, but my version of Network Settings does not even have that option…

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

It is probably a timing issue. The updater starts before you have a network connection, so it sees that you are offline at that time.

You can test that with a logout and login. That should fix the problem – unless your Internet connection goes down when you logout. If your dsl requires PPPoE, and the PPPoE is run from your desktop, then maybe the Internet connection does go down when you logout.

We usually see this issue with WiFi. The WiFi connection is made from the desktop, and the updater starts before WiFi is connected.

Personally, I disable the updater in system tray settings. That’s because I prefer to use Yast and zypper.

Thanks for your help! I’ll do exactly as you suggest.