Software updater QML error


My software updater plasmoid does not load anymore. Instead, it shows the following error:

Error loading QML file: file:///opt/kf5/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.packagekit.updater/ui/main.qml:19.1: module “QtQuick” version 1.1 is not installed

To my knowledge, I did not change anything on purpose on my Qt installation. How can I fix this? How could it possibly happen?


You installed apper5 from my repo (home:wolfi323:branches:KDE:Frameworks5).

Uninstall it again, it doesn’t work as it hasn’t been ported to Plasma5 yet (the update applet at least, the application itself has been ported to KF5 and should work fine, but that won’t offer you anything over the stable KDE4 version either).
Or disable the applet in the “System Tray Settings”.

The standard updater in Leap 42.1 is plasma5-pk-updates, install that if it isn’t there.

Thanks a lot for the explanation.

I just wish I there would be a way again to simply install RPMs on double-clicking on the file…

I don’t think this works with Apper5 anyway, you could install the KDE4 apper (still included in Leap 42.1) though.

Or see here for how to make .rpm files “open” in YaST or zypper:
PS: I changed my apper5 package meanwhile to not enable the (broken) system tray updater applet by default.
The application itself should work fine, I’m just not sure if installing .rpm files works at the moment with the KF5 port.