Software Update under Gnome - Update system non-root user.

I am attempting to configure the “Software Update” applet/daemon to have certain non-root users to update the system, but I have a couple of newbie questions.

  1. What is the daemon called? I’m running the updates under gnome.

  2. Is there a way that certain users can update the system? Do I have to tweak the sudoers file?



hold head in hands - sigh…


  1. You mean zypper

  2. Not that I know of.

Why? Why not?

  1. No, it is not zypper. Under Gnome, the system check if there are any packages that needs to be updated, and will indicate at the bottom taskbar that there are updates. I just want to know what is the daemon/applet/program that does this update. I guess the user can “sudo” zypper for updates.

  2. I was hoping there was a way.




  1. is the PackageKit Update Applet (packagekitd).
  2. use zypper :slight_smile:

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