Software update problems with kernel 49.3

I can’t work out what is happening with the current software update process. YaST software management is telling me that the installed kernel 49.3 has been retracted, and 46.1 is available. However, installing 46.1 screws me up totally: no network, my twin displays only mirrored, etc. The Gnome settings manager no longer provides the required configuration possibilities, nor does the system respond to YaST network management configurations (neither Wicked, nor Network Manager)

Fortunately, I can still boot from 49.3. But the update procedure with YaST Software Management reports conflicts wirh maven-lib and maven-resolver (and there is also some issue with the packman repo)

Does anyone know how to clear up this mess? Any recommendations on how to proceed?

Are 49.3 and 46.1 all you have installed? Can you live without Maven working for somewhere between 3 hours and 3 days? According to a replacement for 49.3 is imminent. Run zypper up instead of YaST to see if the reported “issue” is real. You might try removing 46.1 and reinstalling 43.1 if you can’t wait a little longer.

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Maybe the other way around would be better: first install an additional kernel befor removing one…


43.1 is no longer on my system, as far as I can tell.

The main maven tool itself is not installed, only some related maven components. I have never consciously used maven. Why are the maven components there?

Without knowing the value of multiversion.kernels = and the total number currently installed, there’s risk of losing the one that works best.

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zypper up also fails on all(?) update packages under kernel 49.3. I aborted the process after about 7 failures were reported.

I did everything in yast software.
Firstly - start system withe kernel 46.1, then i add another kernel 41.1 (kernel-default, kernel-default-extra, kernel-default-optional) and checked if everyting works.
Next i remove kernel 49.3 form (kernel-default, kernel-default-extra, kernel-default-optional).

The system boots by default with the latest kernel installed and everything works.

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My problem seems to be that 46.1 is somehow broken. In particular, there is no network with 46.1 (not even router access), so installation of another kernel after reversion to 46.1 is not possible. Also 49.1 is no longer my default kernel, which seems to mean that I am unable to install any of the other currently available updates. Did I do something wrong during the original reversion to 46.1 with YaST? How do I make 49.1 my default kernel, if that is at all to be recommended?

Under 49.3 software updates are being suppressed due to a lock at /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm/.rpm.lock

Can I remove this lock? How should I proceed?

55.3 kernel has been released.

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On my system the kernel 55.3 upgrade installation fails with

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: Command exited with status 1.
 - error: can't create transaction lock on /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm/.rpm.lock (Read-only file system)

Is the solution to remove the (zero byte) .rpm.lock file? Ist it safe to do that?

Is it possible that you did a incomplete snapper rollback and are using a read-only snapshot now?

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Read-only file system

Maybe this is your Problem?

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Yes, I reverted to 46.3 and that screwed up my system (see earlier posts above), possibly because I combined it with other software updates at the time. I am now running on 49.1 as a read-only boot, since network functions were irrecoverable with 46.3.

How can I turn my working 49.1 to read/write?

I’ve never used BTRFS or snapper so can’t answer from personal knowledge, but it looks like the docs cover it well enough.

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…hmm. I’ve tried to find the answer to my question in the docs, but I’m still none the wiser…

I am now running on a read-only 49.3. Can’t go forward, cant go back. At least I don’t know what to about it. Can anyone suggest the best way to proceed?

Didn’t the already linked chapter suffice?

Look for: “To perform a rollback from a bootable snapshot, do as follows:”

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…I fear that doing a rollback would land me in the screwed-up version of 46.1…

…but I was wrong…big pat on the back for you!!!

Do you have a read-write 49.3 where you can update to the latest kernel now?

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