Software update not running

Software update is not happening normally and when i check for updates manually this message popup appears

What should I do?

Is this information enough?


Ohh nvm i got it to work:embarrassed:

I just had added an external repository and i didn’t trust its GPG key so the software update stopped in the middle. After I deleted that repo using Yast all is going well.:slight_smile:


A reamek.

Please next time use for images. Not everybody trusts those external sites that want to run scripts.

Also you did not explain at all what you did except the unspecified term :“software update”. You are running Tumbleweed, That can only be updated trustworthy with

zypper dup

Ohh sorry . I though Imgur was a trusted site.

It was the software auto update thing that automatically gives update notifications . I didnt run any manual command

I am not sure about that “software auto update thing”, but for Tumbleweed you better use

zypper dup

to avoid problems.

So do you manually run software update everyday?

SusePaste only accepts text/code but i want to upload an image , hence im using imgur

Here is the image of what the auto-update looks like :

First I do not run Tumbleweed, but you can see every new Tumbleweed snapshot announced in the News & Announcements section of the forums (e.g.!?p=3066027#post3066027). I have an RSS feed on it.

I run Leap, but I only, once a week, have a fixed “maintenance window” (my users know this) and then install patches/updates (and do several other maintenance tasks).
Thus I do not burden my users with a “software auto update thing”. That is not something they have to worry about. Nor would I ever do an “automatic” (thus on the worst immaginable point in time) update (that may include a reboot).

That is not true. At the top-right there is a clickable switch: Image Code. And btw set Delete after to Never. Post the URL of the page, not the one of the image.

Here is the image of what the auto-update looks like :[/QUOTE]

It doesn’t auto update , sorry i worded it wrong . It automatically checks for updates and gives a notification if there is an update .