software update in kde alway network offine


i use tumbleweed with kde, in the system tray, there is a icon to update software…

it said me alway network offline… but i can access without problem web…

any idea

Should not use the updater in TW use zypper dup to move to the next build. TW is a rolling release so you get a whole new version each update.

You are probably connecting with WiFi.

You login, and are prompted to open “kwallet”. That provides the network key, and the network is connected.

However, the update applet started before there was a network connection. So it says that the network is offline (it was offline when it checked).

I go to tray settings, and turn off the update applet. As others have mentioned, you should be using “zypper dup” at the root command line for updates. The update applet, even if it worked, would not do a good job of updating.