Software Update Enqueued (usr/lib/packagekitd)

In openSUSE 11.4 Update Applet 2.32.0 (packagekitd) becomes enqueued, never completing its package list. Placing the mouse cursor over the system tray icon generates the following three lines:

Refreshing package cache: Generating package lists
Getting updates: Waiting in queue
Unknown role type: Waiting in queue

In System Monitor the process packagekitd (running as root) is “Sleeping”.

When the Update icon first appeared I scrolled the cursor over it and a pop-up dialog box said there were 11 updates. Well, three hours after clicking on the System Tray icon the applet is still “Checking for Updates” and packagekitd is still sleeping.

I have a POTS DSL landline that runs up to 256K downloads, a single core 32 bit AMD Athlon running at 1.2 Ghz, 756 MB of ram (48% in use) and a 790 MB swap file (only 0.1% in use). With a Gnome desktop running Sound Juicer, the Opera browser, System Monitor and Software Update using only 75 to 85% of my CPU, behind what is packagekitd becoming enqueued?

Your Obedient, if Frustrated, Servant,

Cmdr Suzdal (InstrMan, rtrd.)