Software to create invoices?

Howdy howdy!

Just looking for options to create invoices for some web dev work I do on the side. So far I’ve seen a howto with an openoffice spreadsheet which is decent since I can .pdf for records an email.

Anyone have any other suggestions?:slight_smile:

Maybe one of these will work.

Quasar: Quasar Accounting | Linux App Finder


Quasar is a full function, stand-alone business accounting package. You may elect to use Quasar Accounting with the open source GNU General Public License (GPL) which is available free of charge. Or, you may elect to purchase our commercial license for a nominal fee. To ensure timely access to support you will need to purchase one of our support packages.

But there are also other programs:
SQL-Ledger | Linux App Finder
TurboCASH | Linux App Finder
Lazy8 Ledger | Linux App Finder
MyBooks Professional | Linux App Finder

You could also use the Invoicer program INVOICER freeware invoicing software for Windows & Linux

	 	   	 INVOICER is an invoicing application designed for small to medium sized businesses without warehousing facilities. A very interesting feature is a possible definition of the so-called periodic invoice, that is the invoice issued periodically for the same customers. The program enables the user to produce many different types of invoices. It support languages such as:

* Polish
* English
* German. 

Moreover, the program contains the following:

* Product and services database with descriptions, indexes, VAT rates, price lists.
* Large customer database: address, bank accounts.
* Extensive record keeping: documents, sales, etc. 

Distributed as freeware, which means that it is free of charge for both private and corporate users.

You can do this: Creating an invoicing system with :: Creating an invoicing system with
OpenOffice Invoice template: English

And for managing your personal finances, there’s GNUCash and KMyMoney KMyMoney

Web based Billing and invoice tracking
Billing Software
Ebills: e-Bills web enabled billing and customer care: user and developer community
Free Net billing:
Simple invoices: start [Simple Invoices]
A Plus Bill
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Great! Thank you for all the information!