Software tests with "evemu"

The software package “evemu 2.1.0-1.1” is also installed on my system. Now I would like to try the provided tools out.

Sonne:~ # evemu-describe /dev/input/mouse0
error: could not describe device

Why does this command not work as expected (while I can move the mouse pointer appropriately)? :\

A command like “evemu-record” shows an other name list. The command “evemu-describe /dev/input/event1” shows some data for my mouse model.

Now I would like to clarify further observations for the displayed information.

  1. I get only reactions to scroll wheel changes on the mouse when I turn the wheel in one direction.
  2. My keyboard provides also a scroll wheel. Is it acceptable that events are also displayed for corresponding movements under the name “/dev/input/event1” by the program “evemu-record”?
  3. How does the information display like “/dev/input/event10: HDA NVidia Line Out Surround” fit together?