Software Security Device?

Logging in on web I get a popup with Mozilla icon. Message headed “Password Required” with underneath “Please enter the master password for the Software Security Device”. I have hunted everywhere and am unable to find anything relating to this. The message an be cancelled and one can log in but password cannot be saved.

Sorry for my incomplete information.
OS is openSUSE 11.4-
CPU AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
Architecture i386

I will presume that you use firefox, though other Mozilla browsers are probably similar.

At some time in the past, you told firefox to protect your saved passwords with encryption. The “software security device” is that encryption. You are being asked for the key to open access to your saved passwords.

If you have forgotten what password you used, then go to the security settings of firefox. It should allow you to set a new password. It will warn you that this will delete all saved passwords. After doing that, you should be set.

Alternatively, shutdown firefox (make sure it is not running). The go to your firefox profile directory. It will be at “$HOME/.mozilla/firefox/some-cryptic-string.default”. Then delete “key3.db” and “signons.sqlite”.

Many thanks PP. I still don’t know how it was set!:wink: