Software Repositories

OK, the YaST2 Community Repositories module which was in 10.3 was removed in 11.0. I filed a bug (enhancement), asking to get it back. But I was told that “the functionality has been merged directly into the"Software Repositories” manager".
However I was unconvinced then and I am still unconvinced.
I have already done several installs of 11.0
Sometimes you are offered to configure the online repositories, sometimes not. I have just finished reinstalling in my laptop.
Updater started updating immediately, without offering any configuration. I found only the basic repos in Software Repositories (OSS, NON-OSS, Updates).
Is there a command or something to start the online repositories configuration?

YaST > Online Update Configuration should complete this step.

Thanks, but all it does it contacts the server and tells me: “your configuration was successful. An update server has been added to your configuration”.
The available software repositories are unchanged.

You can add any repo manually with YaST > Software > Software Repositories > Add.

I know that. I have more than 30 in my desktop install. Imagine what a pleasant job…

I have installed on several computers, and it is a simple matter of choosing what repositories. No more having to look up URLs and adding them manually.

I know that is the way it should work, but it doesn’t work every time, apparently.

Odd…I have done two installs on different machines, and it was there both times…

Are you sure that you are looking in the right place? They have moved in 11.0 from where they were in 10.3.

They are now in YaST->Software->Software Repositories. Then click the Add button and you will get the Media Type menu. The Community Repositories are one of the radio buttons for repository type in this menu.

I am pretty sure ramlight :slight_smile:
Normally it is me who helps the others, but because I am not God, I ask for help as well. I was hoping somebody knew a command to start the configuration which should be offered the first time (but wasn’t).

So I reinstalled, because basically that was less work than manually adding all the extra repos.
But I had the same problem again.
So, out of despair, I had an idea: what if I delete the already configured repos (the 3 basic ones)?
And yeah! It worked! The Updater applet offered me to configure the repos, and everything (well, almost) was available for me to choose from.