software repo dvd:/// not found


I’m doing an distro upgrade from 11.2 to 11.3 and for the DVD drive, the repo URL comes up as dvd:/// in yast and zypper.

However medium not read is being reported, forcing me to find out exactly what “dvd:///” is pointing to.

My DVD drive is certainly readable and mountable and sits at /dev/dvd (symlink for /dev/sr0). I usually mount it manually, but the problem here is I don’t know how to find out what “dvd:///” represents.

Any suggestions? Cheers.

well, I just disabled that repo with the un-understood URL, mounted the dvd, and then added a repo pointing it to that local directory.
funnily enough, the notation for a local directory is dir:///, but this time there was no problem accessing it.

Thanks for posting your work-around solution.

It still would be nice to gets hints on how to find out where dvd:/// actually points to.

It points to the DVD which was in the DVD device during system installation. It may be used after install when you decide to install more packages from there. Most people do never use it again but use the online repos (eventualy getting the latest security updated version). Thus this repo is normaly mde “disabled” in YaST > Softwrae > Softeware repositories.