Software Raid 1 error with LEAP 42.1 (won't boot with one harddisk)


I have installed Leap 42.1 with 2 harddisks. Both harddisks have the same partitions a root partition, a swat partition and a data partition.
The root partition and the data partition ext 4 format are set in a software Raid 1. This works fine because I have tested it with samba. What I did was I connected my laptop to the data drive of the LEAPserver and I placed there a folder with a text document. When I readed out both harddisk I found on both a folder with a text document.

The problem is with the raid the LEAPserver has to start even when one harddisk is damaged and doesn’t work anymore. But if I try to start the server with one harddisk the LEAPserver gives me the error that he can’t start the dracut emergency shell.

I hope someone knows the answer for this problem.

Thanks in advance,


I want to install LEAP 42.1 using a raided system disk so if one disk fails the system would still boot and allow me to replace failed drive hot. with no downtime.
I know it workd with hardware raid, and I know it supposely works with linux software raid but I could never make it work for me.
please can someone give me a step by step on disk layout and install process.


Does someone know of this RAID problem with LEAP 42.1 already works with the newer version of LEAP 42.2?