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Hi All! Can someone point me to software/package search on this new forum site. Previously it was located at I don’t see it on new site. Sorry; must be really simple and I’m overlooking?!!
Take Care.

No link in the forum. But can be found by using google.

thanks for quick reply. i don’t want to bash the creative effort and time put in by all who did the new site. i will just say that i’ve got to grow with it. thanks again.
— robert

Is this software page still useful? It doesn’t list officially supported software for Leap, only experimental and community.
I remember questions from users asking why software XY is not available for Leap after they checked
(I think that there were also discussions about shutting down because of this.)
IMHO, the best way to search for software is still either a zypper search or using the DE’s default software management tool (Discover on KDE, Software on Gnome).

If you are a Leap user - yes, for finding software not available from standard repositories. If you are considering using Leap and want to check in advance whether some software is available (and which version) - no.

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