reports incorrect package versions

I’m not sure how much this is a problem with the website or with the actual repositories, but something is likely wrong somewhere; I often go to to check for package updates and install stuff. Package pages often report versions which are newer or older than the real packages, and the information is often incorrect.

Example: If you go to plasma5-addons and click on “show other versions” then “openSUSE Tumbleweed”, “Official release” says 5.4.2. If you click on the “1 click install” link in that exact entry however, it installs 5.4.1. It’s been like this for several days too, so it’s not just a mirror synchronization delay. I’m waiting to update to 5.4.2, which is why I’m confused about the repo having 5.4.1 despite the website saying otherwise.

It’s no “mirror synchronization delay”, it’s a “Tumbleweed publishing delay”.

The 5.4.2 package is in Factory, but it will only be copied to the repo when the next Tumbleweed snapshot is published/released.

The software search looks only on OBS itself, it cannot search the actual repos on the download server.

This is a technical limitation of the way how Tumbleweed is developed.

Normally it should not matter much, as ideally a new snapshot should be published daily.
But recently this slowed down a bit because of certain problems, and also because the Leap development is in its final stages and takes nearly all resources.

Ah… that makes sense. This slowing down is what makes things a bit weird then, a 1 day lag is understandable. Although I remember Factory was removed several months ago, and has become Tumbleweed altogether… didn’t know it’s still a repository.

It’s no public repository.

Well, it’s a long story…
Actually, Factory has not been removed at all. They just decided to rename the rolling distribution users can install to Tumbleweed, a while after Factory’s development process has been changed to include more automated testing and so on.
The repos on the server have been renamed too, but there’s still “factory” too (one is just a symlink to the other).

The distribution is still developed in Factory though, packages are submitted to Factory, reviewed, tested, and then accepted to Factory.

If all the automated integration tests of Factory succeed, all what’s in Factory currently can/will be released as new Tumbleweed snapshot.