Software Needed for Linux


Since sometime, I was thinking about all the complaints that there is not such and such software for linux.

Trying to help and facilitate for newbies, or normal users I made a thread in the Soapbox called “More Software for Linux Than for Windows (surprise!)

But still, I believe there is a lot of windoze software that needs to be ported to linux natively.

So I thought of making this thread.

Users may point at software they use under Windoze or OSX, or whatever operating system (even another linux distro), that they can’t find an equivalent (after checking and searching the links provided in the other thread above).

Developers and experienced users of course are kindly asked to contribute, decide on a project to develop for linux as the discussions here indicate.

I believe and hope, this approach will help in having a ‘complete’ linux world, making it easier and even more attractive to adopt linux.

My personal humble opinion is that by using the already existing infrastructure in the open source (applications, libraries, drivers,… etc.) lots of new applications can be easily developed.

I hope this suggestion will be interesting.

Now, to start:

I would like to introduce a piece of software I couldn’t find something simillar to it in linux. If someone knows about a similar equivalent please let me know.

It is called “subject search spider”, it searches the web for your query, summarizes what it finds, then present you a readable text report. I used a trial version under windoze and it helps me a lot in researching different subjects.

I beleive we have all the components -in open source- to develop a similar application. We have lots of search engines, spiders, summarizers… etc.)

This piece of software can be checked here

I hope this example helps clarify my previous post.

Well, any ideas?

Is this any different than the usual “what applications do you want ported to Linux” thread?

I have a couple pieces of software that keeps me from comfortably moving my wife to Linux:

Microsoft Publisher : after trying to do desktop publishing with Word for a number of years I’d rather not go back and Scribus/InDesign seems to be way more powerful than what I need. Basically I need a capable layout control that can easily control labels (do once, all match).

Microsoft Visio : at work I was using Dia until I could get my hands of Visio, which is much more powerful even though it has its issues.

Microsoft Visual Studio : I’m using .NET at work and Monodevelop is “alright”, but not great (especially since I’m using VB.NET and Mono focuses slightly more on C#)

Hi dragonbite,

This is almost the same idea, but:

  1. The thread you mentioned is archived and closed. Nobody can discuss.
  2. I never saw it. Maybe others sidn’t as well.
  3. I saw some posts there mentioning M$ Excell! This is in no way the idea of this thread or the other thread in the soapbox called “More Software for Linux Than for Windows (surprise!)
  4. Related to the previous point, I have mentioned that saying that there is no internet explorer for linux is the same like “there is no M$ windoze xp for linux”
  5. The same applies to comparing M$ Acess to Kexi. There is Kexi which is an equivalent, though not as powerful. But there exists Kexi.
  6. The second post in my thread hopefully clarifies my point, let’s use the already existing resources available in open source to create ‘new’ applications for linux.

In this thread I mentioned clearly as well, to look in the links in the other thread "More Software for Linux Than for Windows (surprise!) and if no equivalent found, then we are definetly missing something.

I hope I am not repeating or replicating any other thread.

I just hope this thread contributes to further development and advancement of linux in general and opensuse in particular.

I think I see, you are looking for software with NO equivalent, even if they don’t hold a candle to it…

so for example you would not include Blogging Clients becasue there are Linux equivalents such as the following

But if there were no Linux equivalents then you would want us to list them here. Am I correct?

Yes dragonbite,

That’s right. This is the main point. If there is an equivalent that is satisfactory and working fine, why should we reinvent the wheel? For example, do we really need another office suite or text editor for linux?

Do we need an application like subject search spider I mentioned earlier?

How would be the value-added to the community and to linux if this is done?

I hope developers and the “seniors” join in this discussion.
Maybe the community can start developing such spider.
Maybe the community can start pointing some software that does not exist for linux.
Maybe the community (opensuse) can start packaging other software that exists in other distros but not for opensuse.

I really wonder if this idea / thread is worth it!:confused:

dragonbite wrote:

> Is this any different than the usual “what applications do you want
> ported to Linux” thread?
> I have a couple pieces of software that keeps me from comfortably
> moving my wife to Linux:
> Microsoft Publisher : after trying to do desktop publishing with Word
> for a number of years I’d rather not go back and Scribus/InDesign seems
> to be way more powerful than what I need. Basically I need a capable
> layout control that can easily control labels (do once, all match).

Microsoft Publisher 2000 runs just fine under CrossOver Linux, so I assume
it’ll run under Wine as well. (Robert Smits, Ladysmith BC)

“I’m not one of those who think Bill Gates is the devil. I simply suspect
that if Microsoft ever met up with the devil, it wouldn’t need an
interpreter.” - Nicholas Petreley

I’m sorry!

I feel this thread was not worth it as I don’t see interest in it.
My main point was to “add” new software, to enable linux users to do something they already do in windoze but they can’t do on linux yet.

I was thinking, if someone needs to run whatever windoze application on linux he could virtualize or use something like wine.

To my surprise, I found on the web, when I googled, that most users want to run windowze applications on linux! Even if there are equivalents.

If the talk is about equivalents needing some extra features to be up to windoze applications (like comparing M$ Access and Kexi or others) this is another subject or thread.

I ‘mathematically’ conclude that this thread shouldn’t have been made in the first place:(
I “mathematically” conclude that maybe Linux should come with only a virtual machine and so users can run whatever windoze apps and windoze itself!

I’m sorry guys.
I’m feeling a bit… mmm… frustrated? confused?

But i would like to thank everyone who cared to discuss, comment or ask.

Maybe someone would care to make a thread about “what features in what apps you want to see added to the existing linux packages”

I mean no offense to anybody, I’m just talking my heart and mind.
I am sure you understand.

I still would really like to see an OSS app that can open and read Publisher files.

It is so sad!

I don’t see enough contributions, not even enough views!

Maybe I was over expecting. My fault!

Sorry. No offense anyway to anybody!

At least I tried!
Thanks all.

It’s honestly very very hard to think of an application where there is NO linux equivalent. Someone always seems to hack together some kind of solution under linux.

And then there’s wine…

It doesn’t surprise me that folks would like to use the exact windows software under linux. Users get used to a particular look and feel, level of performance, and quality from a particular application. They develop something like brand loyalty towards that program, and then they don’t want to change-- they just want to stick with exactly what works for them.

This is true for all software (and probably for things beyond the realm of software), not just windows. I’m personally waiting for K3b, Amarok, and ksudoku for windows, and I tend to choose open office and firefox over office and exploerer.

There are some weaknesses in software available for linux. Video processing solutions seem slower and lower quality than their windows equivalents. Exact audio copy and lame under windows seems faster then k3b. Some people complain about shortcomings in open office (Though I’m not one of them). Wireless drivers from broadcom are constantly a problem. I could go on.

We’re probably better served by a discussion of what’s weak under linux and needs improvents, and what specific improvements we’d like the developers to work on.

I can’t believe what I am reading here on this thread.
My conclusion till now:

  1. I am the only genius who presented “subject search spider” as an application that has no equivalent on linux. At the same time nobody said no you are wrong here is the alternative.
  2. It is better to keep using windows and windows applications natively, in case you insist on linux then use windows applications with an emulator.
  3. There is no need to think, linux will just remain as it is.

Just to summarize,
Someone has to tell me that I am the only genius who presented a software with no alternative, or someone has to tell me "no you are wrong, you know nothing, here is the alternative"

No offense to anybody!
Sorry incognito, I do not mean any offense, just discussing!

For Linux among others
Subject Search Server

Thanks Geoff,

The main difference is that the link you posted is about searching my web site or a specific web site you are already on. Only this web site.

The application I am talking about searches the whole web, and you can specify specific search engines to get more specialized results from the web, not from my website or any single website.

It creates a report from the web, not from a website.

Thanks again Geoff, please keep in touch.

To the best of my knowledge aClimax is Windows only with no Linux equivalent.

Then again, I guess not that many people need to be able to calculate harmonics and overtones from fundamental frequencies obtained from quantum mechanical vibrational calculations for inelastic neutron scattering.

Once I get wine or vmware up and running I may want to add a linux2dos command on the appropriate output files as part of my batch job scripts.

Thanks Neophyte42,

Now, after a long struggle, we could pull out another application that does not exist for Linux

I assume you are proving my point. There are software needed for linux.
I was right?

As long as you say there isn’t an offense meant, then there’s none taken!

Most of my previous post was dedicated to making the point that users tend to get familiar with something and stick with it.

While I don’t pretend to understand the specifics of aClimax, there are several pieces of software available for linux that do spectral analysis nicely-- matlab, scilab, or labview. These apps are general-purpose enough that you can make them work for many applications.

I think it’s true that many people get stuck using windows because of a particular piece of software, it’s often the case that their employer mandates its use-- i.e. I have to use one particular VPN client that is windows only. The fact that there are already linux equivalents doesn’t help me unless I somehow get linux to spoof the signature of the client that I’m required to use.

Limotux, you’re exactly the kind of person I need. I’m a coder, but I can never think of “great” programs to write…I like your spider idea…PM or reply here with exactly what info you want the spider to return.:slight_smile:

Thanks R3D3MpT10N for the complement,
I almost gave up, I really don’t know what’s going on the forum here.
I was under an impression I am writing in language x, people here writing in language y.

Check your PM. I hope to hear from you soon!
If you can understand what I am talking about we can come up with great ideas, with great applications.
But I warn you, I am not a coder myself, last time was 1992/93, now I can’t code, but maybe I still can help.
I can help a bit with analysis/design, idea, testing… Is that ok?

Thanks again for the complement.

I understand incognito9, and thanks for your understanding.
My point is if we could provide all the software with all the functionality and more, business and normal users will see they are already missing a lot and move to linux, then linux will be gaining more user base, and more developers, which makes life easier for everybody.