Software Manager on v10.3 Issues

Hi Folks

I’m running Opensuse v10.3 on an Ibm Netfinity 4000r (couldn’t get the Live 11.1 to work).

I’m having a problem with the Software Manager application

1.) Regardless of what external repositories with packages that I define, it seems that I can never get them to show up in the window. I have a limited list of applications, however it never seems to change. It’s almost as if it’s cache the application from the install CD. I’ve done all of the obvious things, such as ran the update application which works, deleted the repository reference to the Cd, tried different repositories. I’m about to wit’s end on this issue, and as always I’m under a deadline.

I am aware that I can install the applications by manually downloading the rpm’s however I’m not sure of all the dependancies I will need. That’s the nice thing about the Software Manager is that it will also include any dependancies.

2.) It crashes

3.) It crashes

Any help would be much appreciated, it may be something small… I’m relatively new to Opensuse, so maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Has anyone else seen his behavior ?


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Open a terminal and post result of

zypper lr

this will show the repo’s you actually have

If you want to familiarize yourself with zypper for 10.3, look: Zypper/Usage/10.3 - openSUSE

For eg:

zypper lu

will list available updates

zypper up

will run the updates

zypper install 'packagename'

should install

Hi, the other day i was using the command

zypper sa <URL> to add a bunch of repo.

However, now… whenever I do any command with zypper

I get an error saying…

Restoring system sources...
Parsing metadata for 20090512-142824...
Parsing metadata for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1...
Parsing metadata for
Parsing metadata for
Parsing metadata for
Invalid object: Can't open /var/lib/zypp/cache/Source.KGDHsW/DATA/descr/packages
Unexpected exception.
Can't parse packages file: Can't open /var/lib/zypp/cache/Source.KGDHsW/DATA/descr/packages
Please file a bug report about this.
See for instructions.

However, the troubleshooting site doesn’t seem to provide info to help in resolving my problem and I am now stuck.

Ultimately I was trying to install FreeNx

What version of SUSE is this, I see a ref to SLES the server edition?

Looks like the OP is trying to use openSUSE with a SLES repo. Bad boy! openSUSE != SLES or SLED

Hello all,

Sorry that I forgot to include my SUSE info.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586)

can you guys please tell me what I can do to fix my zypper? i tried using sudo zypper rm <URL> to remove my repo it did not seem to work.

And also, since openSUSE != SLES or SLED, is there a website where I can find the repo for SLES?

Thanks alot,

A confused penguin

Well you sure confused us talking about v10.3 when what you have is SLES 10 SP1, and not even SP3.

I don’t run SLES but some other people around here do. But if did then the first thing I would go over to the SLES forums and look for stickies about the SLES repos. Also you would have got some standard repos when you registered, no?


For some reason the user ‘ahhlun’ started posting on my thread about a subsequent issue regarding a work-around that user ‘caf4926’ posted response to my original/inital problem. I’m not sure why he posted his questions on my thread, but it has only caused confusion. My issues that still remain are outlined in my original/starting thread. The user ‘ahhlunn’ has no connection or affliation with me, my company or orginal issue.

Not trying to be mean, but this is to USER ‘ahhlun’, please start a new thread if you have issues, as you have completely confused everyone, with your subsequent postings on my issue.

Now back to my ORIGINAL issue, I will try this zypper utility, however I would still like to know if anyone has seen the issues I have experienced with OPENSUSE 10.3 and Software Manager (please refer to original post).

Thanks in advance folks

Run the zypper utility as caf4926 says and we’ll go from there. It could be that the zypper caches are corrupted. There are commands to clear the cache and start again.

ken yap wrote:
> Well you sure confused us talking about v10.3 when what you have is SLES
> 10 SP1, and not even SP3.

please notice who posted what…


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>> Yeah, my bad. Thread hijackers should have their genitals connected to
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