Software Manager error

Hello All :slight_smile:

I’m running GeckoLinux (i.e., customized openSUSE Leap 42.1) with desktop environment LXQT, and I’m facing an error when I try to open the Software Manager via:

menu -> preferences -> install/remove software

The error says

The following packages have not been found on the medium %F

The Software Manager opens fine using Yast, but I’d like to know why this error pops up.


Possibly the install media is still in the repository list. Remove it. :wink:


This is my repository list. I’m afraid I didn’t understand your answer, what do I do?

[PS. I’m new to Linux]

This looks ok. Sometimes the Install media does not get removed from the repo list and this causes problems. But it looks ok

Did you show the complete error it appears that a list may follow. need to see complete error messages

You have a slightly odd set up so need to get someone more familiar with LXQT since I don’t know where (menu -> preferences -> install/remove software) is supposed to go or run. If Yast runs ok use that or zypper to install update software

Yeah, the unusual setup was giving me trouble so I removed it altogether. Gonna do a fresh and more common install soon. Thanks anyway :smiley: