Software Manager configuration quirk.

I’ve got two machines here, both running 42.3. One machine has been upgraded for the past several releases–if memory serves, it’s gotten an online upgrade for every release since 12.x. The second machine has a clean install of 42.3.

On the clean install, after installing software, the Software Manager displays a summary of what was done, and has buttons to allow me to exit the manager or install more software. There’s also a “Don’t show this screen again” checkbox.

On the upgraded machine, this summary is not displayed–after an install, the manager exits, and I have to launch it again from YaST.

How the heck do I get that summary screen to appear on the upgraded machine? I’ve tried comparing files from ./config/YaST2 between the machines, but haven’t found anything obvious.

Any suggestions?

I did that to myself once.

I’ll give two methods for fixing:

(1) as root, edit “/etc/sysconfig/yast2”. Look for the line that begins


and set that to “summary”. It probably says “close” at present.

(2) Use Yast:

System → /etc/sysconfig editor
and then System → Yast2 → GUI
(set it to “summary” which is one of the available choices)

Both methods are different ways of editing the same file.

YaST > System > /etc/sysconfig editor.
Open: System > YaST2 > GUI and look at PKGMGR_ACTION_AT_EXIT.

That did it!

Many thanks. Glad it was that easy.