Software Management Yast 2----STRANGE BEHAVIOUR

I wanted to add adobe flash plugin to my 64 bit 12.2 install…I added packman and the usual standard repos. When I searched , the flashplugin appears …I select this and a new window with various dependencies asks me if I want to continue …Initially , I clicked “Continue” …To my surprise it is pulling in virtually all the packages saying 264 or so dependencies totalling 1.160 GB needs to be installed!. I tried changing the option to “Selected by the user” , again it is pulling all the 264 packages and unrelated programs like digikam etc. Then only when I tried in Zypper from terminal I was able to install…There is some problem with the graphical installer …I tried thru 2 or 3 options like Apper / yast given in frontend but they all pull in virtually everything…

Check the vendor (repository) for all of the updates. If you have not done a full update after adding in Packman, then getting many updates from Packman is normal and unrelated to the selection of adding in a new package. I also check the option, Allow Vendor Change in YaST / Software / Software Management if Packman is the only added repository from the default setting.

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This is typical behaviour post installation
Next time you open it up, it will try again. Digikam is installed by default to KDE, but if you used a Live CD to install then it pulls in all you would typically get from the DVD. I do DVD installs and still get a large number of packages installed post install. Not everything is on the DVD and certainly not a CD

Well I guess this is normal behaviour then …Zypper just did what I wanted. It downloaded abt 18.4 MB of the plugin alone and that did the job. I thought the software management was just the graphical frontend of Zypper (like synaptic is to apt-get. But that does not seem to be the case.Anyway I favour the terminal so I can live with this. Thanks this can be closed

libzypp is the backend for both Yast and zypper, as well as PackageKit, but they each approach software management a little differently. I prefer zypper too, but sometimes it’s nice to have a visual aid.

Try selecting “Ignore Recommended Packages for Already Installed
Packages” on the Options menu.