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opensuse 11.2 kde 4

I have been using 11.2 for a few days now and have noticed a few things that are different from 11.0 and was wondering if there is anything I can do to change them to my liking.

One is:
When I want to install software thru Yast>software>Software Management I can install the software I choose OK, but it does not ask if I wish to install more software when it is done. The Yast control center stays open, but the Software Management window closes. I must reopen Software Management to do more.
It is a small problem, yes, but annoying to me.
Is there anyway to set it up so that it will ask if I wish to install more?

p.s I will do other posts as these small annoyances come up and hopefully I will be able to get help ironing them out.

While your in YaST, go to the /etc/sysconfig editor and expand the
YaST2->GUI the last item in the list PKGMGR_ACTION_AT_EXIT change this
on the right to restart or summary and then finish.

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Thanks malcolmlewis

A simple solution - and simple is always good.
I think I will take a poke around that sysconfig file to see what else is in there. but not too big a poke LOL