Software Management Locks

Yast2’s software management locks up when you select sort by repository.

Compiz totally broken. Will not start. (graphics driver )Nvidia 180 (beta) but with a good rep?

BootManager in Yast moved boot away from the MBR when I was changing the default partion in grub (ugly)

I have noticed that YaST software tool in RC1 will take up to five minutes to load the ‘Package Groups > All Programs’ selection.

It appears to be frozen until it finally loads all the programs.

On top of the bootloader problem I guess my patience was at a low point. Five minutes sounds like a fairly serious bug to me.

Well now an Amarok bug. Well two. The doesn’t stop bug and the scans the collection but doesn’t do anything with it bug.

I had a more usable system with 11.0 and KDE 4.13 factory

I can confirm that the package management locks for nearly 6 minutes, just as described above.

11.1 RC1 plus updates:\

Now the lockup is shorter perhaps 30 seconds or so, Still with 11.0 selecting package or repos instead of search is instantaneous.

I’ve done a quick scan on bugzilla… I’m not seeing similar reports, so it would be grand if you guys open a bug against this!

Might be good to first drop a mail in the factory mailing list to see if it’s a known issue.