Software Installation/Respository Error


I am using openSuse for the first time. I come from a couple years of Debian/Ubuntu usage and wanted to make a change. I have literally been using 42.1 for about an hour and really like the distro. Everything with the install went smooth and my system booted without issue so I must be on the right track! I am now just getting familiar with Yast.

I am having one issue. When installing software I get an error. I think the error is telling me that there is a problem refreshing a repository but I’m not sure. I get a small dialog box stating:

Cannot access installation media
(Medium 1).
Check whether server is accessible.

On the lower part of the box are buttons for Skip, Skip Autorefreash, Retry.

If I click retry I get the same repeated error. If I hit skip I was able to install the package I wanted but not sure if this error is causing other problems.

I am using 42.1 with the Gnome DE and have done nothing to the fresh install other than downloading Chrome and the MegaSync Client which both installed without issue.

Any and all help will be appreciated!

that’s the install medium you used, disable it or remove it or put the install medium in (not recommend it as it’s only useful if you don’t have internet access)
you can disable it in yast->software repositories find the dvd and remove or uncheck it.
if you prefer the command line use zypper to remove it

sudo zypper rr hd:///?device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-20001020000060804-part2


sudo zypper mr -d hd:///?device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-20001020000060804-part2

to disable it

Hi I_A,

Thanks for the quick reply! I removed it and the error is now gone! All seems to be running top-notch now and my systems seems to be up to date.

Thanks so much for the help!!!

Forgot to mark as solved…hope I did it right.