Software Installation Problem

Hi all.

I have a problem with the software installation overall…

I’ve just install the fresh and clean copy of OpenSUSE 12.1 (x86_64) with the KDE 4.7.2 r5, and any thing I would try:
Download package of Google Chrome and install it
Go to the System Settings -> Software Managment -> Find some package and install it (KDevelop for example)

It goes through few different processes and does not install my software… Before it finishes, it asks for the Licence Acceptation of Flash for example or gstreamer. After I press that I accept the Licence, it just “Finish” the work, and “is ready to go”. But nothing has been changed… Software is not there etc.

I am really suprised with the OpenSUSE, as I was using the Debian or Ubuntu before, and OpenSUSE is doing really geat, maybe even better then other Distibutions. But that is really annoying problem, that there is no installation moving on…

Thanks for your help.


Please open a terminal
And try the following

su -
zypper up

There are one or two fixes for package manager that may help

Ok, as follows:

linux-kor9:~ # zypper up
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Nothing to do.
linux-kor9:~ # 

Am 19.11.2011 15:26, schrieb paroxp:
> Go to the System Settings -> Software Managment -> Find some package
> and install it (KDevelop for example)
Don’t use that it is buggy, this is not openSUSE’s fault this is
kpackagekit and is broken upstream by KDE.

Use Yast -> Software management you find Yast at the same place
System Settings -> Yast

PC: oS 11.4 (dual boot 12.1) 64 bit | Intel Core i7-2600@3.40GHz | KDE
4.6.0 | GeForce GT 420 | 16GB Ram
Eee PC 1201n: oS 11.4 64 bit | Intel Atom 330@1.60GHz | KDE 4.7.3 |
nVidia ION | 3GB Ram

You can install with zypper too


zypper in chromium
(will install the open version of chrome)

Many thanks, yeah I’ve noticed that there is the way through YaST.

And yeah, I use to love using terminal installation. But now, I haven’t got time to play with it, so I’ll go with the GUI ways :slight_smile:

Many thanks guys!