Software installation doesn't care about my choices

I just installed 13.2. I chose not to install proprietary packages and LibreOffice. Installation goes fine, restart, update, updater gets updated, then when the ton of patches is supposed to be installed, I check the installation summary and there they are, it’s trying to autoinstall libreoffice, AdobeICCProfiles, flash-player, gstreamer-fluendo-mp3 and all those things I explicitly selected not to install.

It does this every time I update or install any application unless I mark them as “taboo”. Then I get chromium and stuff the same way, autoinstalled unless I mark them as taboo as well.

The system is just trying to be helpful!

It is a two step process. So for example uninstall the packages that you don’t want. Instead of clicking on OK when the uninstalls have been done, click ‘continue’, yast will want to reinstall these - so just mark each package that you don’t want as ‘taboo - never install’.

Enable the option “Ignore recommended packages for already installed packages” in YaST’s “Options” menu and it should not want to install those packages any more.

The “problem” is that those applications are recommended by the installation patterns (which you have installed), so YaST wants to install them every time when they are not installed, as they are recommended.

Or you can also “uninstall” the corresponding patterns (View->Patterns). This will not remove any software, but should prevent YaST from wanting to install the specified packages.

PS: I never got Chromium auto-installed on any of my systems. No idea why that would be. Maybe because you installed “freshplayerplugin” from Packman? (which is a wrapper to use chromium-pepper-flash with Firefox) This might get pulled in instead of flash-player (as it also provides flash-player), if you mark flash-player as taboo…