software Collection DvD

we are planning to make a Software collection on a dvd(internet tools,utilities,graphics and etc)
and the dvd is full of rpm version of softwares . we want to develope an application with persian language interface to let the user browse between software categories and simply install them by just a click and we don’t want users get into details of dependencies or any other problems because the they are almost autorun should launch our application when the DvD is inserted.
now based on our scenario this could be a solution:
1st phase:Running Our Application automatically.

2nd phase:install sofwares with yast command line installation utility and add DvD softwares folder to installation sources to resolve dependencies,supposing we have all dependencies available on DvD(the application should call this procedure via proper APIs)

now there are 2 questions:
first:is the second phase of our solution sensible?
second:how can we make an autorun to launch our application as soon as DvD is inserted?