Soft lockups in Xen domU on opensuse11.2


I am using xen with kernel version (X86_64).

I have created one VM which is running opensuse 11.2 32bit version ( This setup is working, but…

When I put some CPU load on dom0 (by compiling the kernel with ‘make -j 8’), the domU locks up. In particular, I am getting messages about ‘soft lockups’ and ‘CPU#0 stuck’.

I have not found any configuration setting in the credit scheduler that help in solving this problem. Capping the CPU in dom0 or in domU does not make any difference at all.

This problem is really blocking to me because if it is not solved I will have to consider different virtualisation (even non-oss variants).

Is this a known problem?


PS. Running this on a Core i7-720QM processor, sony vaio F11 laptop).