SO what am I to do now?

I googled this question and can’t seem to get a straight answer or at least an answer that completely solves the question. I just want fact here.

Here is my problem and I have read different things in regards to this question so don’t flame me for not spending hours trying to research. I simply want a bottom line.

I love Suse or Opensuse for that matter. I have been using it for years. I absolutely HATE kde 4 and have tried it knowing that we barely got kde 3 in 11.1. I also know this is not a Suse thing but a kde thing. I feel kde is in error to ditch 3.5XXXX and absolutely will not use 4+. I hate it. I hate it more than I did gnome as I remembered it. (those that want to flame and tell me to use gnome save it). Here is the simple and bottom line question. How long will I have with my 11.1 opensuse with kde 3.5? How long will it be supported and secured and is there anything I can do after that time to keep it going? I am not a linux guru but know my way around very well and chose Suse over windows 7 years ago. I have seen what opensuse has become.

I really feel let down because KDE 4 to me is not kde at all. To me it’s something completely different. I guess my options are limited but I want to keep this 11.1 box going as long as I can.

Please give me input.

Johnny 5 is alive!

OK, first, calm down a bit. I know how you feel as KDE 3.X.X was my favorite to. However, I have converted over to KDE-4.3.3 and really, it’s nice.

Secondly, you can install KDE-3.5 on openSUSE 11.2. You would have to do it from the repositories.

Now to answer your question as to how long, I’d say about 2-3 years. Roughly about the time openSUSE 12.0 comes out.

As I understand the kde lifecycle, kde 3.5 is already gone by the way side. kde 4.1 had sooooo many problems but kde 4.2 fixed a lot and kde 4.3 is terific.

What I would like to know is specifics about why you now hate kde? I used kde 3.5 ,4.1 4.2 and now 4.3 and only had trouble with 4.1.

I might suggest that in the future, if you have a distro working great, downstream the repo’s you need loaclly and maybe place then to a DVD so you have them for the future after mainstream support fades.

But this is MHO:\

For original question on end-of-life see SUSE Linux Lifetime - openSUSE . For 11.1 it says “openSUSE 11.1 - December 31st 2010 (current projection)”.

I used to get excited when a new suse disto came out but not anymore. I guess I will hang on to this 11.1 until it is no longer supported.

What don’t I like about the new KDE? well, the only version I have is on an opensuse 11.1 live cd. I have spent hours messing with it and there are a lot of things I don’t like. For starters the panel. I always prefer the transparent panel. Also the ease of configuring the panel or creating a link to application in the panel. Configuring the time and date with ease or changing it’s color/format.

Dolphin. I can’t stand it. When I plug in my digital camera it is automatically detected and I usually copy the main folder to the desktop so that I can sort through the pictures before I organize them. I can’t seem to copy and paste things to my desktop and I can’t seem to create my own desktop icons and or links to applications.

Amarok. There was no EQ in Amarok. I am sure if I played with it longer I could figure it out but even the mixer was silly compared to what I am used to.

I don’t completely hate KDE 4. There was a plethora of eye candy and I can see why some people like it. For me I have spent years getting to know my KDE 3 and have grown accustom to it’s configuration. Are the things I listed above possible with KDE 4 and I have to simply learn a new KDE?

if you don’t like it, don’t use it? No one pushes it upon you and there are plenty other DE which are great. You have to understand that KDE3 is a dead-end, both on the development side as it’s codebase does not allow to extend it further and is a mess in many places, and on the support side too now that KDE4 is here. You really think the small KDE team will support two huge codebases at the same time just because some like you dislike what they have created in KDE4? You surely expect too much for getting something for free. These codebases are so huge that you’ll need a small army to maintain them both and the KDE team does not have a small army. From technological point of view, there is no future in KDE3, whether you like it or not

Why is there always one of you in every group? Your comment is completely unnecessary. Everything you wrote is common knowledge. I am well aware of my options and am not alone when it comes to my opinion of KDE 4. Why don’t you do the world a favor and keep your arrogant remarks to yourself. Stay out of it if you have nothing worth while to contribute.

Don’t worry, dexter1morgan. OpenSUSE 11.1 has a KDE 3.5 option on the DVD, but there’s no KDE 3.5 liveCD, unfortunately. You can get KDE 3.5 in 11.2 from the unofficial repositories, however. Don’t worry, 11.1 will be supported for a long time from now ;).
And if you decide to use KDE 3.5 with 11.2, even better.

As for me, KDE 4 works perfectly. It has a professional look-and-feel and looks and works like a modern desktop (KDE 3.5 has a somewhat cartoonish look), but then, everyone has his/her own preferences.

I use KDE 4.3

Dolphin. I can’t stand it. When I plug in my digital camera it is automatically detected and I usually copy the main folder to the desktop so that I can sort through the pictures before I organize them. I can’t seem to copy and paste things to my desktop and I can’t seem to create my own desktop icons and or links to applications.

Dont think you can blame Dolphin for this, the default Plasma desktop comes with a “Folder View” widget access the desktop folder.Simply right click the desktop select “Desktop Settings” and select “Folder View” for your desktop and you can copy and paste to the desktop all you like. The developers intention is to keep the desktop clean with the default Plasma desktop, but they give you the option with Folder View to be able to clutter you desktop to your hearts content.

I always prefer the transparent panel. Also the ease of configuring the panel or creating a link to application in the panel. Configuring the time and date with ease or changing it’s color/format.

The panel appearance is controlled by the Plasma theme there are many themes that offer a transparent panels. I find it easy to right click any app in the slab start menu and select either add to panel or desktop also drag an icon from the desktop and drop in the planel.
As for the clock again I can right click it select “digital clock settings” and easily configure.

Funny you should say that, considering that you’re the OP of a rant/hate post. Why don’t you do all us a favor and choose other options if you’re so much aware of them, instead of starting rant/hate posts? Also spewing your rants/hates on this forum will get no developer’s attention so you’re just wasting your time. Did you just now register to spew rants and put down other people’s hard work? I dislike GNOME, for example, very much myself but do not go around on forums and rant how much I dislike or hate it. I choose a different option and that is KDE4, which I like very much.

Like I stated in my original reply to you, nothing you add is constructive. There is no hate coming from me. It would be much better if you just left this thread alone. Nothing you add is helpful and since I am the OP, show some respect by going away. There is always one of you in every forum. The rest of the people respectfully offer their input and move on. Imagine that! Is that so hard to do or do you always need to be an @$$ and tell people nobody is holding a gun to their head making them use the OS and they should be happy they get it for free. You are being an arrogant @$$. I have contributed financially to this project. I am not going to re-explain my questions to you since all you seem to do is attack from the get go.

For the rest of you, BoloMarkIII, BrownieCat, hro1, techwiz03, and Jonathan_R, Thank you for your time and suggestions. I’ll try to install 11.2 to an old drive and give it a little time while I still have my 11.1 going. That seems to be the logical thing to do for the now. I knew how long opensuse would support KDE 3.5 for 11.1 but was unsure of options beyond that point. Thanks again for your time.

You may want to re-read your original post, and subsequent posts too, and count the times you wrote “i hate this, i hate that”. Why don’t YOU go away? Seeing that you just registered, it’s very nice to start your first post as a rant/hatred post. You want respect from others, yet you diss their hard work

Great, you have contributed financially. I have contributed far more that you did, including packaging, decision making and discussions, bug reports and testing, community support, both on here, IRC and in the past on mailing lists… shall I go on?

Calling me names, won’t do you much. We eat trolls like you for breakfast here :smiley:

also, I’m sorry you saw my first post, where I tried explaining why KDE3 is going to be dropped, as arrogant. This is how I write, and if it doesn’t suite you or you interpret it as being arrogant, ignore it

I can think of a dozen forums that will just lock your post when seeing it

I had a feeling you wouldn’t go away. You must always be looking for an argument in your life. That alone is pretty sad. You say “we eat trolls” but you are the only troll here. Nobody here has backed you up so your “we” is quickly shot down to a “YOU” in which case I must say that ** you ** are delusional. Your initial reply makes you a troll(look up what a troll really is). You are the one to start and carry on this argument. You fail to show respect by staying out of this thread because you are like a woman. You must have the last word and be argumentative. How does it feel to be a biotch? Oh well, I’d bet $500 that microhack8 responds but I wont be around to see it. Think about this Micro-dick! It’s people like you that are destructive not constructive. Out of numerous responses, you were the only one to come off like a know it all a$$hole! The rest of the community responded like normal people would. What does that say about you?

I’m out of here. I don’t need to waste my time with skunks like microhack. I got the info I needed. Thanks again to those that had something worth while to contribute…

Have a lot of fun!

-Dexter Morgan lol!

What a lively thread. Not bad eh!lol!
@ dexter1morgan, try kde 4.3.3 the latest and then tweak to look like kde that will do I guess.:wink: also experience how quick the new kde responds against kde 3.

Your not the only one that feels kde4xxx is not very good at this point and time.
I have tried it a couple of times and when I can’t move the task bar to the top, That is the deal breaker here, I guess there is not a lot of users that like it up there. I tried to build it up there, But what a hack job that turned out to be.
And what is with the tool bars(for lack of a better word for it) that pops up when you mouse over an Icon. TACKY. There should be a way to turn it off.

Hopefully it will get better.

Please don’t post your “opinions” as facts in the future, thank you.

Click on the right side of the taskbar with the palette/paw icon so it’ll open a Screen / Edge height adjust panel. Keep left mouse button pressed on the screen edge and move it to the top - now you have a taskbar at the top.

In general it helps when you know what you’re talking about before shooting something down.

You can use it “forever ™” if you really want to.

It’s quite easy to update the kernel if you feel you need updates, you can add new apps or updated ones when you feel like it.

That’s the beauty of Linux, you can simply compile any new app you find, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone holding a repository for the software you want.

Or just use Gnome :stuck_out_tongue: