so we're all here now right?

Well after all the moving around and me going to the SLED forum thinking that was the one we were going to it’s nice to see we’re back! So now this is where we’re supposed to be now for opensuse?

Yep. On a new location, new auth system, yet all the old content etc.

Great! I’m still a wise penquin and a curious cat!
Hey Knurpht]( nice to read you again!

New forum login works smoothly with my SeaMonkey 2.53.2 too.
Nicely done!

It’s zippy and responsive. Love the change. Thanks to all those who worked, I’m sure, a lot to get the move accomplished.

I never saw the previous design, cause I joined recently. But I have been on internet for a while, and honestly, I have to say that I really love the design and UX of this one. It is not only clean, but easy to use, and don’t feel like on the 90s like much of others you can see around :slight_smile:

P.D: And the amount of nice emoticons are also pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

The forums are pretty much the same as before, except that they have moved to a different physical location (but same site name). They are currently using an older version of the software. There are plans to change that, but it is less urgent than the physical move.

The forums themselves seem to be better now. That physical move and authentication change have made it easier to use.

oh, ok I thought that also included a redesign (as I mention I am new and never saw the forum before), thanks a lot for the context!