So long

Well it was not fun while it lasted. I am deleting the partion holding SUSE 11.2. I’m bitting the bullet and getting Windows 7.0 installed first thing tomorrow.
This linux is the most twitchy os I’ve had to work with. It will not upload the upgraded files: some problem with being blocked by packagekitd which I never was able to resolve. I could not kill it – permission denied (yet I’m supposed to have the supervisor/administrator privileges.) I could not even get my printer driver installed. (Again something with the packagekitd.) Jeeze. It should not be that difficult to get simple things done. Windows, for all its faults, is much easier to deal with.

Two things i would guess for this thread:
1- Going to be HOT point, and target by many Linux users around.
2- Everybody will ignore it.
So lets wait and watch which one going to be lucky.

For the issues you mentioned are not that big, i can bet if you post the problems i am sure everybody will be willing to help and sort it out for you.

1st thing is, you need to understand how Linux works. How to use tools around in Linux etc etc.

packagekitd error is a simple error thrown by update applet telling that another process is using the same resource. You can kill it in terminal and then just zypper up will do the job for you.

Which printer you are using?

And about Windows…not much to say… rotfl!
Yesterday one of the dev(freelancer) for us(company) cannot install driver in Vista for a electronic board(wireless sensor) to just use click, next and finish. :wink: , and Linux did it without clicks.

The op posted his problems.
To the op use whatever works for you and have a lot of fun.