so is windows gone???

Yeah hey…
Apparently my laptop now has OpenSuse…

However no more Windows Vista (64 bit)

i press F11 at the boot, and all i get is opensuse.

I wanted Windows and Opensuse…

Boot SUSE.
Open a terminal
Type su
then your root password (password does not display as you type)

Now type:

fdisk -l

post result here

I dont have internet on it… so i have to type it all…

disk /dev/sda: 250gb
255 heads, 63 secots/tracks, 30401 cylinders
Units = Cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot
/dev/sda1/ 1
/dev/sda2/ * 263
/dev/sda3/ 2874




Linux swap / Solaris

From what you have typed. It looks like you have ONLY SUSE there.

Did you use default install proposal?
Do you have a Windows DVD?
Did you backup before?

put in the cd…
clicked on partition…
said the formatting, but i thought only the partition… not the whole thing. :frowning:

is tehre a way i can get windows back up ? or will I have to order a restore cd…

If you used the CD and not the DVD, you will have booted to a Live Desktop of SUSE. You use the ‘Install’ icon on the desktop. Do you mean you did this? Or did you run something else?

Whenever you partition a drive you MUST know what you are doing and certainly if there is any doubt, ask for help. Backup is always a good idea.

If the code you posted earlier is correct you have deleted windows. It’s gone. You should have a Vista Install DVD with the machine - But typically you don’t get one! What con that is.

well it had the partition recovery… … “had”

I would like to have seen a screenshot (PrtSc) of your terminal : fdisk -l

Can’t you save the screen to a pen drive - transfer it to what you are using to connect to the net and post it to a site like imagebam: ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

then post the BBCode here


Now I’m certain. Windows is gone.

Thing is a default install would not delete windows. So I’m not quite sure what you did here.

it was all thought the DVD…

put it in, booted… hit Installation … and went on from there.
i didnt do anything manually through bios or dos… :frowning:

:frowning: Indeed.

Though I’m deleting Vista at my next install. Never use it.
:slight_smile: With SUSE
As far as i can see, only gamers need windows. I know some will disagree with that rather sweeping comment.

I do use a Virtual Box install of XP from time to time.

> Thing is a default install would not delete windows. So I’m not quite
> sure what you did here.

i am quite sure he did not elect to follow the install script’s
suggested partitioning scheme for dual booting…

and, when he got to “If you continue now, partitions on your hard disk
will be modified according to the installation setting in the previous
dialogs. Go back and check the setting if you are unsure.” he did not
click on “Back” to make sure, instead he clicked on “Install” and
erased Vista…

which, is not necessarily a bad thing…unless, as in his case, it is


So I know this is linux forums, but do i need to contact Microsoft and get a restore CD? will that even help? or will i need to get windows cds ?

I wanna learn Opensuse, and have dual boot, but I also need Windows till im “good to go” on suse…

Good luck with that. M$ don’t hand out stuff like that.

I have used a friends cd’s to re-install windows for people. With XP the versions need to match ie; xp-home or xp-pro sp1 sp2 etc…

With Vista it does not matter. I recently used a Vista DVD (full corporate version) to re-install a Vista on a OEM machine. Use the key from the machine to install, validation will initially fail but then then follow the validation process and it works.

So find a friend with a DVD or speak with your OEM manufacturer

> So find a friend with a DVD or speak with your OEM manufacturer

probably easier to just go ahead with openSUSE!

it is easy to get going…really…just use it…it is kinda like
Vista, only better…MUCH better…

surf with Firefox and do mail with Thunderbird…
make documents with OpenOffice…what else do you need??


I agree but I thought the OP needed Vista too.

> I agree but I thought the OP needed Vista too.

but, since i don’t use any form of Redmond software, how could anyone
really need Vista??


Phone the laptop company, and tell them that you were attempting to use the restore image and it crashed, and you’ve been forced to format the drive and now need a restore CD / DVD.

I know that’s mildly dishonest, but it minimizes the chances of them arguing (some manufacturers consider putting the software you want on the computer you’ve paid for as ‘misuse’). You are entitled to a CD / DVD - it might cost you a little bit (£20?) as a handling / postage fee, but they certainly ought to give it to you.

With the eeePC you get a DVD which if you read the title “XP Support
DVD” doesn’t really indicate it, but it is bootable and has a ghost
image of XP there. Maybe the OP has something similar?

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