So, anyone else tinkering with Qt/Jambi?

Like the title says, anyone else tinkering with Qt/Jambi?

I decided to give it a try after seeing how cumbersome it would be to have a multiple columns treelist without it. Really enjoying it, The “Code less, Create More, Deploy Everywhere” slogan is living up to its name as it does take considerably fewer lines of code to get some things done… like adding an action to a button being clicked.
Also the layout managers are a lot easier to work with, fun comparison of it to in some pdf on their site where they build the same layout using jambi and native java swt/awt. The Qt code is many times easier to understand and like a third the length.

Another good point is that it looks and behaves like an actual KDE/GTK/Windows application (although the KDE look and feel stopped working for me some time ago… as it’s defaulting to the GTK one now). The QFormLayout aligning labels according to the OS it’s running on and QDialogButtonBox placing the buttons in the right order are really nice touches.
Haven’t gotten around to playing around with the styling options yet, but its CSS like syntax looks really attractive.

So yeah in short, it’s layout managers, its slots model (compared to the Action/ActionListener model) and its general intuitiveness along with the consistent are really well liked by me. My only complaint is that the documentation in some parts is still in C++ instead of java and the lack of a forum (had to sign up to the mailing list which in my eyes is a relic of the past)

An irc channel is on freenode now ( #qtjambi ) although it isn’t official (yet?), but at least it’s a start!